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This body never feels like home.

six word poem // h.e.p. (via maelstromhead)

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this body is at war with itself,
a cave that houses an angry beast.
it roars, requires repentance and sorrow.

this body turns its head, dizzy,
full of too many people,
crowded with ghosts,

I curl up somewhere inside, lost.
pretend I’m better,
pretend I’m happy,
pretend I’m not afraid.

but this body is not me.
I cannot recognize this person;
I am not myself.
I don’t know where I went.
I don’t know where to find me.

Rachel Thompson, dissocation (via poems-byrachel)

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In those few seconds when I snap back into reality, everything just feels so terrifyingly foreign: familiar faces of strangers just watching and treating me as one of their own, unaware that I’m just an imposter wearing a familiar skin.

Ghost (via quotesofaghost)

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I stare at these hands
and do not recognize them.
They are foreign objects,
and I do not believe
they belong to me.
But everyone says they do.
They look wrong.
Notes I don’t remember taking
jotted on the palms,
reminders for things
I cannot recall.

It is a terrible feeling
to not belong to the body
that holds you in its depths.

Rachel Thompson, like the back of my hand (via poems-byrachel)

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“I can find no words for what I feel. My consciousness is withdrawn into itself; I hear my heart beating and my life passing. It seems to me that I have become a statue on the bank of the river of time, that I am the spectator of some mystery.”                                          -Henri Frederic Amiel

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I wonder if my reality is not fictional

I do not feel authentic, and time does not grasp me

my mind is a foggy place, I can not fathom my emotions properly

this world is unreal, or maybe I am.

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- Depersonalisation
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- Depersonalisation